Friday, January 27, 2006

Wu's Swan

I love the fact that web archiving exists. I found again today Jake Crowley's old website on at . I still find his work to be among the best in the world. His interpretation of Komatsu's tiger is better folded than Komatsu's! Anyway, I realized (probably for the second time) that Jake has a nicely folded Swan designed by Joseph Wu on his old site. Since I was just recently looking for swan models around Christmas, this caught my eye today. I couldn't find any trace of this model in the . I couldn't find it listed among Wu's diagrammed models on his site either. Then, searching through Google, I found on Wu's site that he made a Swan as a commissioned work. The model there looks a lot like the model shown in Jake's site, but the paper makes it hard to make a direct comparison. I assume that if it's the same model, a diagram may never become publicly available. Oh well ... Maybe I'll be able to work it out from Jake's picture.


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