Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Lang's Crane

I realized this past weekend just how difficult a seemingly innocent looking crane can be. Robert Lang's crane in his Origami in Action has it all: 2 open unsinks, a re-sink into a different pocket, and 2 open wraps. The re-sink is particularly nasty. I wonder if this crane is the reason that Anna Kastlunger and Gerwin Sturm dedicated their "innovative folding method for the traditional crane" to Robert Lang at http://www.origamiaustria.at/articles/kranich.pdf ...


Blogger origami_8 said...

No, it isn´t, it was just a joke.
We folded this crane because we experienced with colourchanges on cranes, since we´ve seen such a model in Yoshihide Momotani´s "Trick Origami". After a few trials, we decided that our crane shold have the same usuage (same Crease Pattern) like the traditional crane. Most of the folding steps where discovered by accident. After finishing the diagrams, we thought that anyone who would fold this would be reminded on Robert Lang´s Stuff, therefore we dedicated this folding method to him.

Nice Greetings Anna

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